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Mermaid Tales. Oil on Canvas 49 x 40cm

Angela Walker, ‘Empty Homes’ Charcoal & Pastel on A1 paper.

I love the slow build up of an image using charcoal rendering and have tried to give new life to these empty homes.

Birds Nest, Sea Shell & White Ant Nest.

'Empty Homes' Charcoal & Pastel on A1 paper.

‘Empty Homes’ Charcoal & Pastel on A1 paper.



1st Solo Exhibition at RedRocks Books & Gallery
28th April to 24th May 2014
Opening night went well and thank you sincerely to my family, friends and interested others for attending. It was great to see you all there and I really appreciate your support. Thank you especially to Wendy James for opening the evening with her eloquent speech.

1st portrait March 2014. Wayne my husband.

1st portrait March 2014. Wayne my husband.

Under the truck bonnet, showing me his cheeky smile.

Web 101

Heading towards the finish of the 1st 2 Units of 24. I knew it would be a challenge and I’m not diImagesappointed!