Swirling Seas, an emotive abstract work that gives the feeling of immersion in the ocean.


Farmed, acrylic on canvas board http://1340art.com Part of a series of works related to current practice.


Fun today at Federation University Horsham. Under painting complete and will be able to add colour next week when dry.


Game As, Ned Kelly, oil on canvas, 30 x 30cm. Abstract art painting.


Whats Happening. Playing around with photoshop.

whats happening

Feeling a bit sad. Didn’t get to Doug Moran Finals this time. This work is named Sinking Feeling, oil on canvas. 1st couple of layers done with more to come.


Farewell to Brian, acrylic on paper, A3. Miss having you around. Have 2 new little lambs now who need care. Tige and Biggles.

Life memorial to Brian

Desolation Red, oil on canvas, 37 x 75cm.


Doug Moran semi finalist with portraits of my wonderful daughter and son. https://moranarts.org.au

IMG_0683 (more…)

Now at Horsham Regional Art Gallery

IMG_0645Dimboola’s Angela Walker’s work Topographical Relationships 2017 is a series of three relief linocut prints on Japanese rice paper

Walker’s current practice attempts to disrupt romantic notions of human relationships to land use and farming practice. She seeks to highlight the health of livestock, people and local environment.

Impressions: Printmaking in the Wimmera
19 August – 8 October 2017
Horsham Regional Art Gallery